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Friday, 31 August 2012

Download EA Sports Cricket 2008 Game Free PC

EA Sports Cricket 2008 Cover
EA Sports Cricket 2008 - Free Cricket Games Download
Cricket 2008 has been released with more improved new controls and decent game play but fans are expecting something more from its predecessor version.
The new added controls added by EA Sports are quite impressive. Now you can gently lodge ball to any place on ground. You can enjoy the large variety of shots in this version.
The game has all 3 modes available that are ODI’s, Tests and 20 over, beside them few special scenarios are also present in game. They are quite interesting and entertaining and keep you on edge of your seat.
Graphics representation of EA Sports Cricket 2008 is better but few more animations are expected. With so many advanced technologies you expect something out-standing but EA Sports just give you a decent graphics.
The sound system is not much impressive, the game has repetitive commentary. There is nothing much to discuss about sound system though the sound track is good.
Following would be my ratings to this game:
• Graphics – 4/10
• Sounds - 5/10
• Commentary – 3/10
• Game play – 4/10
• Overall- 6/10
How to Play:
If you want to learn the new controls and option of Cricket 2008, don’t wait and download EA Sports Cricket 2008 game free on your PC.

System Requirement:
Intel Core2Duo/ AMD Athlon 64x.
Nvidia 256 graphic card.
Windows XP/Vista Compatible

Game Name: EA Sports Cricket 2008
Game Type: EA Sports, EA Cricket, Cricket
Release Date: 2008

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