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Friday, 7 September 2012

EA Sports Cricket 2002 Download

EA Sports Cricket 2002 Cover 
Cricket 2002 Free Download
EA Sports Cricket 2002 is one of the best ever cricket game. Developer comes up with more high resolution graphics and with improved game play this time.
The significant problems with the game are the bugs. They exist everywhere, and can be pointed the moment the game commences.
Graphics representation of the game is nice. Many of the players look similar like their real-life. The animated cheering crowd has been added perfectly.
The game audio effects are normal; I would not count it as extra-ordinary. Commentators have done a fantastic job to make the commentary as original and regular as they can.
As stated above that game has so many errors which can be notified at every step. There are so many places where commentator are soundless in the game and they suddenly start again with a big gape. The weather and match conditions are same in all tournaments and there is no rain in any matches.
The only attractive part of the game is batting and editable tools. Overall it’s a very good and entertaining cricket game but still it hasn’t beat BLC yet.
How to Play:
Download EA Sports Cricket 2002 free on your PC and get tips, tricks, tool for the game. You can also learn the options to bat and bowl.

 System Requirements
Processor= 500 MHz
RAM= 128 MB
Video Card= 32 MB

Game Name: Cricket 2002
Game Type: EA Sports, Cricket
Release Date: 2002
Size: 480

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