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Friday, 31 August 2012

EA Sports Cricket 2007 Game Free Download

EA Sports Cricket 2007 Cover
EA Sports Cricket 07 - EA Sports Cricket 2007 Free Download - Free Cricket Games Download
EA Sports Cricket 2007 is a decent game of cricket but it contains some major flaws in bowling controls. It provides all kind of gaming mode to their fans. You can play ODI, Test, 20 over and all kind of local competition to international tours. The game is specifically dedicated to Ashes Mode.
The game batting controls are impressive. The game mostly targets The Ashes Scenario and it has been presented very awesome. The decent variety of shot selection is available that allows to score rapidly. The game lacks in fielding and bowling department and it has so many major noticeable disadvantages.
There has been nothing much impressive in this game but still is one of the decent in cricket video games, cricket lovers would love it because of its decent game play. The game Auto Play option gives you realistic feel. The Ashes Scenario has been represented very nicely. The game has so many basic flaws. The commentary of game is boring and repetitive. Most of the players have incorrect names.
The interesting attribute of Cricket 2007 game are given specific scenarios which are quite entertaining.
How to Play:
The game batting features are very entertaining especially with the wide variety of shots. To learn how to play those shots you can download EA Sports Cricket 2007 Game free on your PC and get complete guide.

Game Name: EA Sports Cricket 2007
Game Type: IPL, EA Sports, EA Cricket
Release Date: 2009
Size: 890

EA Sports Cricket 2007 System Requirements:
Windows: 1 GHz
256 MB RAM,
OS: 2000/XP/Vista/7
1.2 GB HD space

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